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Rules & Regulations

Students are reminded to address their teachers and all the members of the Schoolstaff with due respect and politeness, on their way to and from the school, they are expected to behave in gentle manner. They should show respect and politeness to their companions.

Students who have been absent from school must have the reason for their absence noted in their ‘’Regularility Recorded’’. No leave of absence is given without a previous application in writing from the guardian. Granting of leave is entirely up to the principal.

Any unauthorized absence exceeding fifteen calendar days, the defaulter’s name will be struck off the rolls and considered withdrawn.

No books, periodical or newspaper of an objectional nature shall be brought in to the school.

Any damage done to school property should be placed by the pupil concerned.

Parent and guardians are not allowed to see their childrens or interview teachers during school hours.

There is no provision for ‘’Reassessment or promotion trial’’.

In all questions of promotion or failure the principal’s decision is final.

Admission to the school is totally at the discretion of the management is final.

A candidate who has attended a recognised school cannot be admitted without transfer certificate from the school he/she last attended.

Candidates will be listed in the standard after going through an admission test.

Before withdrawing a students from the school a month’s fee in lieu of notice.

No transfer certificate of leaving certificate will be issued until all due to the school have been paid in full, with a written application from the parents of guardian’s.

If a child is withdrawn with a written intimation before one month your ward(s) could be withdrawn with a fine of RS. 100/ – only. For urgent transfer certificate within 24 hours your ward(s) could be withdrawn with a fine of RS.500/- only.

Not (Withstanding) anything in this prospectus, the principal may at his/her absolute discretion may ask any parent at any time to take his/her ward out of the school showing valid reason.

The school fess cover twelve calendar months any may be paid in monthly instalment or in advance. Pupils are liable to be charged full fess as long as their names are official on the rolls.

After an absence from the class, student must bring leave letter duly signed by the parents/guardians.

Students need prior permission from the principal before going for leave of more than 2 days. In case a student is absent for more than 15 days without prior permission from the principal his/her name will be struck off the register and re-admission is needed.

All students must be present on the first and last working day before vacation and on the re-opening day, strict action will be taken against the students violating the rules.

Minimum attendance require to sit for the examination is 75% of the total working days. Students will not be eligible to sit for the examination, if the attendance percentage is less than 75%.

If any students is late by 10 minutes, he/she will be sent back home and the school will not be responsible for any consequences.

Parents/guardians are not allowed to enter the school premises before or during morning assembly.

Only parents/guardians of class nursery will be allowed to escort their ward(s) to the classroom till April 30th. After 30th April no guardians will be allowed to enter school premises before assembly.

Parents/guardians can communicate with the subject teacher only through the principal. A written application should be submitted to the principal in advance in order to communicate with the subject teacher.

Parents/Guardians are requested to check their ward’s diary everyday.

If there is a parents call by any subject teacher or the principal or the class teacher , parents and guardians are directed to respond to it by coming to school. I Parent/Guardians fail to respond to the parent call, certain actions will be taken against the child however, in case of any unavoidable circumstances, guardians can write to the principal sitting the reason, of being unable to come to school in the given date and they will be given another date.

In case of fighting, cheating and misbehaviour in the school, the students will be issued T.C. Instantly.

A pupil who is absent on the first day of any term may have his/her name removed from the register and may have re-admitted at the discretion of the school authorities , if there is a vacancy and on payment of the usual entrance fee.

All the complaints should be made in written and given to the school office in an envelope.. No verbal complaints will be accepted.

It is mandatory for all the parents/guardians to be present on the day of Parent-Teacher Meeting. Reports card will not be issued to the wards of Parents/Guardians who are absent in the meeting.

Use of exercise books bought from outside is not allowed . All the copies should be bought from the school.

Students are not allowed to communicate in any vernacular Language. Every students should speak in English and if any students is found talking in any language strict action will be taken against him/her.